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To: Who Concern August 3th, 2014

RE: Open Letter Request funds to go to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Office Headquarter Requesting their support and Protection for Venezuelan Arrivals and already arrived living in US.

Dear Entrepreneur:

USA Refugees and Immigrant is a non-profit organization in South Florida that has taken upon itself the plight of immigrant and refugees that arrive at our borders escaping tyranny and prosecution abroad.

Recently USA Refugees and Immigrants, and its sister organizations have been overflowed with and influx of Venezuelan exiles that are fleeing prosecution, torture, political imprisonment and repression at the hands of the Maduro regime in Venezuela.

There is abundant photographic and video evidence on the internet and internationally recognized media outlets of the Human Right violations and victimization of the Venezuelan people.

Since the month of february 2014, our institution has been before many cities Council Meeting requesting a resolution to attach to our petition to Secretary of Homeland Security and Mr. President to Stop Deportations and approve a TPS for Venezuelans.

Thanks in special to Mayors best efforts protecting Venezuelans living in US with no criminal backgrounds, that resolution was passed and have been approved by the 2014 US Conference of Mayor, Resolution 32.

On behalf of the same noble cause, we have continued our path and we humbly are asking you to set up a meeting at your convenience in your office to disscus this dramaticaly important topic for Venezuelans living in US because if they are forced to return to Venezuela, they have a hight percentage of probability to be kill.

Through this email, our organization would like you to open an space in your busy agenda for us, in your office at your best convenience, to deliver to you a letter of recognition and the text of the Resolution 32

Many Venezuelans arriving at our shores have credible claims for asylum and many others are already here and are finding it impossible to return to their homeland where they would risk, death, torture and other terrible acts being committed by the Maduro regime.

The Immigration and Nationality processes- requirements- permissions in its current form are not the adequate to deal with the issues of this particular group of people arriving at our shores. Many are left destitute after waiting months for the approval of a work permit and must resort to charity or government assistance and more of them have their Driver Licence expired and are afraid to suffer deportation.

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